Managing Design Styles & Features


Automatic Updates: When off, you can make changes to your showcase and theme design without affecting your published or saved version. Click 'Submit Changes' and the updates will be applied to your published showcase and saved to the existing theme. When on, changes are automatically saved to your published showcase and theme as you make them.

Showcase Total Width – Adjust the width of your showcase. Minimum 150 pixels wide. Maximum 1200 pixels wide.

# of Columns & # of Rows – Set the number of columns and rows in your showcase. Minimum 1 column x 1 row. Maximum 5 columns x 5 rows.

Showcase Data: For each product in your showcase, you can choose whether the Brand, Advertiser, Price & Sale Price (If provided) is Always Shown, Shown On Mouse over or Not Shown at all.

Enable Search - Add a search box at the top of the showcase

AutoFill Showcase: This setting will allow you to automatically fill in empty spaces in your showcase with products from a dynamic gallery.

Include U1 Value - You can use affiliate-defined sub-ID (U1) tracking to help you manage your sales. This will include your U1 value with your showcase links for reporting. This will not affect all product links or all showcases; it only applies for the specific showcase you’re creating.


Theme - Save the current Text & Border selections as a theme. You can apply saved themes to showcases at your convenience.

Showcase Text - Select Font, Size & Color of the text copy in the showcase you’re creating

Showcase Border – Select the border width & color for the showcase you’re creating. You can choose to have no border, a border around the full showcase or a border around each product. Maximum border width is 10 Pixels.