"Publish" tab

How do I publish my showcase?

Once you have your showcase code from the “Publish” tab, you simply need to copy and paste this into your website page where you want the showcase to appear. The showcase will look just like it does in the Publish view on your website, when it is properly implemented there. Please make sure you are pasting the code as your content management system requires custom code to be pasted. If you are unsure how to include JavaScript code in your post or page, please contact your content management system provider.

I’ve published my showcase and afterwards I added a new product to the gallery. Do I need to re-publish?

Once your gallery is published, the standard settings will allow any change you make to your gallery or showcase to be applied automatically. If you add a new product to the gallery or change the showcase design, your published version is automatically updated.

You are able to turn off this automatic updates feature for showcase design elements if you would like.

At the “Design” tab click the option to turn automatic updates to off. Once off, any showcase design changes you make will not be applied to your published version until you click “submit changes”.

Please note that this does NOT affect added products. If you add a product to your gallery, even if automatic updates is off, the product will still appear in your published showcase automatically.

Can I publish a showcase on social media?

No, showcases are not publishable on social media. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others, don’t allow JavaScript to be posted. However, you can post an image and/or text link on your social media page which directs to your webpage with the showcase on it. That way when your visitors click through your link, they’ll land on your webpage with the showcase.