Manage Galleries Page

Introducing the Manage Galleries Page


On Thursday, December 1st, PopShops released a new tool that makes it easier to manage your Curate Galleries.  Based on feedback from the community and the existing “Manage Shops” page in ShopBuilder, the new tool allows publishers to:

  • View a list of all of their Curate Galleries
  • See when the Gallery was created
  • See how many active and inactive products are in each gallery
  • View the click-count for each gallery
  • Sort columns by any of the variables listed above


Here is a screenshot of the new tool:


This page is important because it helps publishers to see which Galleries are getting the most activity, and then prioritizing the maintenance based on the traffic those shops are receiving. Please be aware that Dynamic Galleries will always show Active and Inactive as 0 since products constantly change as merchants update their product feeds.


Thank you for all of your feedback and for letting us know that this feature was important to you.