Dynamic Gallery & AutoFill

What are Dynamic Galleries?

A Dynamic Gallery is a gallery of products that you can save and then publish as a showcase from only your filter selections. A Dynamic Gallery is one where you choose what search filters to use and you simply can save and publish ALL products returned by that filter.

Simply choose your search filters, select “Save as Dynamic Gallery”, name your gallery, and save.

Once you do this, your Dynamic Gallery is saved to your “Galleries” list and functions just like a normal gallery in that you can set up a showcase around this gallery and publish that showcase.

I’ve saved a Dynamic Gallery but now I want to edit the filters that gallery is based on. How do I do it?

Editing a Dynamic Galleries filters is easy. Just navigate to “Galleries”, select the Dynamic Gallery you want to edit, and then click the “Edit” button.

Your filters will appear in the list on the left and you can edit them, save them, and now your Dynamic Gallery will reflect your changes.

What is Autofill and how do I use it?

Curate showcases can be set to Autofill. What Autofill is all about is making sure that there are no blank spaces in your showcase when a product you’ve picked becomes unavailable. With Autofill on, you are able to select two (2) options.

1. Option 1. Autofill will fill in any currently open spaces or spaces that become available with products from a specified Dynamic gallery. This means that you can specify a Dynamic Gallery and if a space becomes available in your showcase (like when a product you picked is no longer available) or if you simply set your showcase to have more spaces than picked products, Autofill will fill in those empty spaces with products from your selected Dynamic Gallery.

2. Option 2. Autofill will fill in all possible spaces from your specified Dynamic gallery. This means that after your hand selected products, Autofill will fill the showcase with all the products from the Dynamic gallery you choose.

An important note:

To use Autofill you must have a Dynamic gallery created. A Dynamic gallery is a gallery that is built from your product filters. So before you use Autofill in a showcase, its best to save a Dynamic gallery you would like to use to Autofill from. The purpose of this requirement is so that you can specify the filters you want us to go and get a product from, to fill in the spaces in your showcase. This ensures that the products added to your showcase are accurate and represent what you want.