Get to know Curate for PopShops

Curate is a product discovery tool (or widget) that enables you to easily find products from all of your advertisers across the top affiliate networks. You can organize and save your product selections into galleries and display these galleries as shoppable showcases alongside your content to better engage your visitors and monetize your traffic.

Curate is currently available only in English, and only in the US, UK, CA, and AU networks.

Feature Highlights

With Curate for PopShops, you have access to all of your advertisers' products ingested from the top affiliate networks through one interface.

There are two aspects to the Curate tool: Galleries and Showcases.

• A gallery is a collection of products you put together. Any products you save will go into a new gallery or into an existing gallery you specify.

• A showcase is the version of your gallery that is publishable. A showcase will use a specific gallery's products. You will specify which gallery you want to design and the products in the showcase will be from that gallery.

Searching for products across all your approved advertisers is easier than ever. The products available are determined by the merchants selected in your default catalog. The products themselves have been set up with all the necessary commissionable links for each advertiser, across all participating networks so when each link is clicked from your site, you are credited for the sale.

Additional highlights include:

Selecting Products: Curate has the more powerful product search tool. You can search by Keyword, Brand, Advertiser, Category, Price, and Discount Amount.

Customizations: You can customize, in detail, the style of your showcase to better match your website. Showcases will not be confined to a certain ad unit size.

Search box: Allow your website visitors to search the products within your showcase.

Autofill / Dynamic Filtering: Using Dynamic Galleries, you can use filters like keyword, advertiser, brand, price, etc. to dynamically autofill & showcase similar products as an advertiser’s inventory changes.

Pinterest: Curate users can pin any product that they find to Pinterest using an affiliatized link.

Is there any special integration or setup needed to use Curate for PopShops?

Curate for PopShops is available for affiliate publishers who subscribe to the Enterprise or Data Pack accounts.

You should develop your own website, establish advertiser partnerships and enter your Network affiliate IDs into your Account Settings. Now you’re ready to create a catalog of your approved advertisers and set up your gallery. If you are already an active PopShops subscriber, with an existing catalog, you can set up your gallery, immediately.

How to use Curate in three easy steps

Curate has three main tabs “Curate”, “Design”, “Publish”.

  1. “Curate” tab is where you will search for products and add them to your galleries.

  2. “Design” tab is where you will setup your gallery of products into a showcase. At Design you can utilize any of the available tools to style the showcase.

  3. Publish” tab is where you will copy the JavaScript code that will be used to display the showcase on your website.

You can use a showcase snippet on any number of your websites.