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Access 20 million product discounts and over 15,000 deals and coupons combined from over 4,000 retailers

  • Cleansed, audited, edited, standardized, 24x7 refresh
  • Sitewide and product specific - Free shipping, coupons, % off...
  • Keep 100% of your commissions using your own affiliate IDs

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Features Corporate solutions subscribers receive additional exclusive benefits.

Unparalleled data quality

Our editors and systems review each offer to ensure it passes the quality a visitor expects on your website. All deals have start / end-dates. Expired deals are removed automatically

Round the clock updates

Our deals and coupon offers are updated 24/7 and originate from retailer feeds, newsletters, networks, and even exclusive deals direct from the retailers

Your brand, look, experience

XML and JSON* response will enable implementing your own experience. Plus, suppress* non-commission items, categories, mature content, weapons Data Pack plan,*With corporate solutions subscription


Each offer is categorized by our staff into categories such as Free Shipping, Percent off, Sales, and more. Deal types documentation

Storewide offers

Each offer specifies if it is a store-wide / site-wide offer for you to emphasize, depending on your customer profiles Data Pack plan

Custom affiliate tracking

You can dynamically create and track sub-ids as allowed by each of the networks

Download (CSV)

Deals and coupons are available with a CSV download and offers multiple downloads in a day. With a corporate solutions subscription.

Deal API

The Deal API (RESTful) offers dynamic publishing, automatic offer updates, browseable and searchable coupons Data Pack plan

Integrated Product API

Deal API and Product API come integrated for you to offer a seamless product and coupon experience Data Pack plan Learn more about Product API (V2)

Integrate across channels

Promote deals and coupons across all your channels - website, mobile app, social media, email, and more

High volume support

Receive high traffic? Contact us regarding volume pricing for Data Pack plan or learn more about our corporate solutions subscriptions below

Exclusive benefits for Rakuten PopShops Corporate Solutions subscribers

Rakuten PopShops can work with your company to tailor a solution that will handle the complexities of coupon and product data feeds, shopping comparison search, managing IT, operations, and quality assurance, freeing your company to focus resources on its core missions. Corporate customers receive exclusive benefits such as:

  • Dedicated account manager and Tier-1 support
  • High server call volume licenses
  • Committed performance and uptime SLA
  • Access to exclusive private advertisers
  • Priority integration of missing advertisers
  • Combine your private coupons with our system
  • Deals and coupons download (CSV) option
  • Contact us

Custom solutions

Do you have custom requirements? Rakuten PopShops is the engine behind tens of thousands of shopping implementations and is used by more banks, airlines, and affiliate malls than any other shopping engine. Rakuten PopShops offers scalable, reliable, and 24/7 availability.

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